$284 from Hot Dog Sales, Global Outreach Giving, and a Drug Lord Conversion

By Sarah LeBaron

The children living in the most dangerous area of Sao Paulo, Brazil needed to hear about the hope of Jesus and an opportunity for a different life. Church leader Mathias had a vision of 100 churches in this very area. But who would go to such a place? God was already working!

“The Mouth”, a prominent drug lord of that area, was being hunted down by authorities with instructions to kill on sight. While in hiding, a courageous Nazarene pastor shared with him the love of Jesus. Hearing this Good News, “The Mouth” believed. The hope of Jesus so changed him that his very appearance was different. He and the pastor walked out through the midst of the SWAT team completely unrecognized.

“The Mouth” and his wife, an opposing drug lord’s daughter, asked to be equiped as pastors in order to go back into that tough, dangerous area of Sao Paulo to teach the children about the hope of Jesus!!

On another continent God was also working in the heart of 7 year old Jeremiah. He heard about Rev. Mathias' vision for the children of Sao Paulo.“I have to do something!” He set up a hotdog stand and helped raise awareness for the children of Sao Paulo. Because of the Church of the Nazarene’s global connectedness, every cent of the $284 he earned went directly to this new children’s ministry.

You are part of this story! Because of Global Outreach giving missionaries were sent and the Good News spread across Brazil. Because of Global Outreach giving Mathias was equiped as pastor and district leader. Because of Global Outreach giving a courageous man was equiped as a pastor and lead “the Mouth” to Jesus. Because of Global Outreach giving “the Mouth” was equiped to minister in a tough, dangerous area and children's lives are being changed for eternity. God is at work and through Global Outreach we partner with Him in reaching people with the Hope of Jesus!