April 23

Within your small groups or your Sunday School class, the following thought-starters may be helpful as you talk about what’s most important in this new life we live in Christ. Just as Jesus did with his followers, we spend sacred time together with one another, deepening our relationships within the faith.•    

In Colossians 3, Paul establishes the reality that we have a new identity because of Christ—we've been given new life as his children. Sin and sinful practices are beneath our dignity as his children.•  

One way to look at the impact of Jesus on your lifeis to imagine what kind of person you'd be were it not for Jesus. Can you describe a difference Jesus has made?•    

Read together the passage from today's sermon,Colossians 3.5-11. What do you notice? What stands out to you?•     

How do we put to death or get rid of destructive,sinful practices in our lives?•     

Trusting Jesus and his suffering, death, and resurrection as your own gives you a new identity as a child of God, a citizen in God's kingdom. We belong to him as redeemed, new creations. Why do you think God wants us to put off the practices of the old self?•     

Close in prayer, and spend some moments asking the Holy Spirit to show you clearly anything in you that is beneath your dignity as his child. Seek his grace to be obedient.