September 17

Were you ever picked on or threatened by others during your growing up years? Or were you more like the one who was in the position of being the bully?  Describe what you experienced.

A significant principle for a meaningful life is to “invest yourself in something that lives on after you are gone.” How can you think of that principle in guiding your life right now as a born-again citizen in God’s Kingdom?

This question focuses on the disciples’ prayer in the face of threats of persecution in Acts 4.29-30. Notice their prayer. They do not ask for safety or protection. What, instead, is the focus of their prayer?

Many brothers and sisters in Christ face significant persecution for belonging to Jesus. What are some examples in the world where boldness for Jesus is needed? Invest in a time of prayer together, praying for specific examples of brothers and sisters in Christ who need our prayers. Include prayers to allow the Holy Spirit to make us bold for Jesus in the face of challenges.