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Hey 5th graders!  Are you an awesome singer?  A genius with numbers?  Good at talking to people?  A great writer?  Good with younger kids?  Charge is a leadership ministry as a part of Wired that helps 5th graders identify and develop their leadership skills!  If you don't see your skill listed above, no biggie.  Skill sets of all types can thrive as a part of charge!

The charge team meets monthly, on the third Sunday of each month immediately following second service, to train and divvy out responsibilities for the following month.  As a part of the team, everyone will be assigned different jobs and play different roles throughout their 5th grade year!  These jobs will be carried out primarily on Sundays during the Kids' Rock and Sunday School hours.  Members of the team will gain some new privileges, but will be expected to carry some new responsibilities.  It's pretty sweet.

There's an application process to join the charge team.  A future team member must fill out the application, have a parent/guardian fill out their "approval" application, and get two references (from a non-parents).  Once your paperwork is turned in to the children's ministry office, Pastor Marcus will contact you about getting started with the charge team!  Get your packet at the Wired desk.  Contact Pastor Marcus with any questions.  

 Let's get charged up as leaders this year!