A big part of becoming more like Jesus involves becoming his students, his apprentices. Jesus doesn’t intend for us to go through this process of becoming his student alone. That’s best accomplished in community, with the Holy Spirit helping us. Discipleship Ministries includes a number of options for adults at BFC that aid in our journey into Christlikeness.

Sunday School

Being part of a Sunday School class is a great way to get to know other followers of Jesus, receive good Bible teaching, and participate in a group that’s learning about the Christian faith. There are approximately 20 different classes to choose from. We are happy to help you find the right class. A full list and description of all our Sunday School classes is available.

Sunday School Classes


Each fall and spring, classes and groups are offered during the week where you can learn to be like Jesus and deepen your relationship with him in various aspects of your life.  We call them “electives” because you have choices, options to select from. Elective sessions focus on Bible teaching, discussion with others, and the application of God’s truth to one’s life. Typically, an elective is 8 to 10 weeks in length, depending on the type of class or group.


Small Groups

Do you participate regularly in a small group? We'd love to know that and create a registry of small groups at BFC. Fill out the form by clicking on the link below

Small Groups Registry

Women’s Ministries

Women’s Ministries believes that building relationships with each other is important. We aim to provide opportunities for women to grow in their faith together with other women. Many events are available for women to grow together throughout the year. These include elective classes, bible studies, retreats, and conferences.

Women's Ministry Opportunities

Men’s Ministries

Our goal is to help men become more like Jesus and to grow in our relationship with God. BFC has activities that provide men the opportunity to be together, have fun, develop friendships that help in our journey to know the love of God, hold each other accountable, and serve together to help others.

Men's Ministry Oppourtunities