The Church of the Nazarene has over 700 missionaries in 160 world areas. Each year, BFC “links” up with several of these missionaries and their families, providing them with a more personal connection to a local church, and providing BFC with valuable insight into the life and work of missionaries abroad. BFC supports these missionaries throughout the year by praying for them, writing letters, providing cash for personal needs, and remembering them and their children on their birthdays, at Christmas, and on anniversaries.

Anthony and Barbara Manswell

ManswellAnthony and Barbara Manswell are global missionaries for the Church of the Nazarene assigned to Caribbean Nazarene College located in Trinidad, serving the English speaking Caribbean since January 2003.

Anthony received a Bachelor of Theology degree from Canadian Nazarene College in 1990.  He received a Master of Divinity from Nazarene Theological Seminary in 1994. In 2008, he was awarded his Doctorate in Education from Trevecca Nazarene University.  Anthony’s call is to minister anywhere God opens the door for ministry. Ministering for God has been been his deep conviction since he fully committed his life to God.  He is currently serving as a Quality Systems Manager at CNC.

Barbara graduated from Canadian Nazarene College – University of Manitoba in 1990, with a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Music degrees. She then earned a M.A. in Missiology from Nazarene Theological Seminary in 1995. She participated in four Youth In Mission Projects, and God touched her heart in a specific way. During college God placed a call on her heart for cross-cultural full-time ministry. She believes that God has worked in amazing ways over the years to prepare them for this part of God’s adventure. As only God could have arranged, she is now the Music Program Director, teaching the core music courses and private music lessons at CNC for the Music Concentration/Bachelor of Arts program. 

Before their current appointment, Anthony was a Youth Minister, an Evangelist, a Spiritual Life Director, Pastor, Sunday School Teacher, and Small Group Leader. He was on the District Board of Ministry, and on the District Advisory Board. He also served as Hospital Chaplain. He has served on the Canada West, Kansas City, and Trinidad and Tobago Districts.

The Manswells have four children: Kenrick (1997), Kavanah (1999), Jayedon (2001), and Jerrick (2003) all of which are home schooled. The children are active in the local Nazarene Church, the District Nazarene Youth, various musical venues, and sports activities. The family’s home church is the Rimbey Church of the Nazarene in Rimbey, Alberta, Canada.

Carlos and Robin Radziszewski

RadisCarlos and Robin Radi are global missionaries for the Church of the Nazarene, serving in Argentina.

The Radis have been Nazarene missionaries since 1999. Carlos grew up as a Nazarene pastor´s son in Argentina. He shares, “My call is to minister, preach, and serve so that I can efficiently raise up leaders for the next generation.” Robin´s parents are retired Nazarene missionaries who served in Peru, Costa Rica, and Lebanon. Carlos and Robin were sent out as hurricane relief Work and Witness coordinators in the Dominican Republic. After the reconstruction was completed, they served in Guatemala as missions coordinators for the Mexico and Central American Region.

The Radis now minister at the Southern Cone Field Office in Argentina. Carlos and Robin are the Multi-Ministry Coordinators and Work and Witness Coordinators for Argentina. They also pastor a church. Carlos is currently serving as District Superintendent for the Native People´s District in the northern province of Argentina, called Formosa.

Robin says, “We feel that in developing better ministries at a local, district, and national level in South America, we are truly answering our call to “Go and make Disciples.”

The Radis have three daughters: Nicol (14), Natali (12), and Natasha (10).

Ruthie Cordova

CordovaRuth Irene Cordova is a global missionary with the Church of the Nazarene in Guatemala. She is Peruvian. Her salvation and service are the direct result of missionary work by the Church of the Nazarene in Peru.

Ruth serves as a full-time professor and public relations person in the Seminario Teologico Nazareno‑Nazarene Theological Seminary‑in Guatemala (Central America). She teaches all levels (course of study, BA, Master) of Bible, Theology, Pastoral, and Christian Education courses to students from different countries in Latin America of Theological Education programs (residency, decentralized, and online).

She received a B.S. degree in Public Relations from the Public Relations Institute in Chiclayo, Peru; a B.S. degree in Theology from Nazarene Seminary of the Americas in San Jose, Costa Rica; a Masters of Divinity, a Masters of Religious Education, and a Doctor of Ministry degrees from Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City. She is an ordained elder on the Kansas City District.

Before her current appointment, Ruth served as an associate pastor in education at First Spanish Church of the Nazarene in Chicago, Illinois, where she is member. She also worked as Spanish editorial assistant for Publications International at Nazarene Headquarters in Kansas City. She served as children’s pastor at the Rainbow Boulevard Church of the Nazarene in Kansas. She served as a missionary in theological education in the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas, San Jose, Costa Rica for several years and at the Nazarene Theological Seminary in Guatemala. She is currently enrolled in the PhD program of Wesleyan Studies at Nazarene Theological College, Manchester, England.