Serving In Paraguay

By Rev. Barry and Charlie Carney

When we feel called by God to serve, we always expect great things, but we never can imagine what he actually has in store for our lives and for his people when we choose to follow. The last five years in Paraguay have been an adventure that we never dreamed of.

When we first arrived here, only a handful of people were attending the Church of the Nazarene. Since then, we have seen miracle after miracle happen all over this country. Spiritual growth of new believers in the church leaves us looking back in awe with an excitement for the future that, we are confident, is beyond our comprehension.

In the central part of Paraguay, near the capital of AsuncioĢn, we have started several ministries, including a soccer ministry that now serves over 50 kids. Our mission is this: “Behind every soccer ball there is a kid and behind every kid there is a family who needs Christ.” We have had the privilege of being involved and sharing Christ’s love with them every week.

The Lord has opened incredible opportunities to begin work in the North through medical clinics and local needs, and in the East, we have been able to make a tremendous impact in one of the most populated areas of Paraguay.

The pastors of the South have been traveling out to the country from their local churches and beginning ministries in areas that do not have an evangelical church. The people come from all over to hear the gospel and are committing their lives to the Lord.

Nothing touches the lives of the local people here more than when they have the opportunity to work side by side with brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world. There is power when we are unified as a church. Your commitment to serve and your desire to help them inspires them to seek more and serve others around them. Thank you for being willing to make the sacrifice and obey the Lord’s calling  to be a part of building His kingdom!