Sharing Our Faith

God has invited all people into an interactive relationship with the Trinity through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We are asked to invite others to enter this relationship.

Monday – Romans 12.10-18 The often-quoted words attributed to St Francis are certainly true: “Preach the gospel wherever you go. When necessary, use words.” Slowly read the Scripture passage aloud. This passage paints a picture of how we preach the gospel without words. What might this look like in your normal everyday life? Take time to pray over a specific phrase in this passage that “sticks” as you think about your witness for Jesus.

Tuesday – 1 Peter 3.15-16 Here are encouraging words from James Bryan Smith: “You don’t have to have a seminary degree to be an effective witness for Jesus. You are asked by God to share the reason for your hope. This means explaining how the gospel has intersected your life. Just tell your story, how you came to know God, how God has been at work in your life. Be honest. Let the person know that you are not perfect, but you nonetheless have put your confidence in God.” (The Good and Beautiful Community) Remember, our sharing is to be done ‘with gentleness and respect.’

Wednesday – Acts 1.6-8 As a direct result of the gift of the Holy Spirit, we have power given us to be witnesses for Christ. Not all of us are evangelists, but all are witnesses. When we share some really good experience we’ve had with another person, we describe what happened, and its impact on us. In a real sense, that’s how we witness for Jesus with our words. We describe what happened (what Jesus did), how we came to trust in Him, and how He is changing us.

Thursday – Colossians 2.12 “Many Christians are not aware that they also participate in the resurrection of Jesus. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead also lives in us.” James Bryan Smith continues: “There emerges a new me, a new self established by Christ. I have a new identity which is being renewed constantly: I am one in whom Christ dwells and delights. This is not my doing. It is done by the power of God, the same power that raised Jesus. That is my new story.” (The Good and Beautiful Community) This is the story of hope we have to share!

Friday – Matthew 26.26-30 What does a passage telling about the Lord’s Supper have to do with sharing our faith? Dr. Dennis Kinlaw wrote: “Remember that Christ’s body was broken so you and I could be saved. And we will have to be broken if others are to be reached. God could not exempt even himself from suffering because the only saving force in all existence is a life sacrificed in love, surrendered to something outside of and bigger than, itself.” (This Day With the Master) Have you put up barriers to protect or shield yourself from discomfort and pain? Pray you can let down those barriers and let the life of Christ fully possess you.

Saturday – 2 Corinthians 2.15 “The aroma of Christ is not a cologne or perfume you can buy at the mall. However, when we tell the truth even when it is hard, when we sit in the waiting room with a hurting and scared friend although we have pressing things to do, when we share the story of how Christ is changing us and the hope we have for our future, when we strive to stay in harmony with people who disagree with us, when we offer a blessing to someone who curses us, the essence of Jesus, who lives in us and through us, is emerging.” (James Bryan Smith, The Good and Beautiful Community)