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  • Small Group Questions

    • Small Group Questions

      Today, Pastor Rick launched the new sermon series, Giants. We all have had them, and we will face our own giant again. May these questions guide you in group discussion as you tackle your giants by trusting Jesus to come against your giant.

      Who is the tallest person you’ve actually met? 

      When you were a child growing up, how tall did you hope to eventually be? What height did you eventually reach?

      Pastor Rick recounted one of the most well-known stories from the Old Testament, the story of David and the giant, Goliath. As you listened to the story again today, what is something about the story itself that stood out to you in a fresh way?

      Of all the various giants that Pastor Rick mentioned in today’s sermon, what are two or three that you’ve faced?

      Pastor noted that we most typically want to identify with David in the story. He encouraged us to see the Lord Jesus as David, fighting the giant in our life for us. How do you respond to his suggestion? How can that be helpful in your quest to see your giant fall?

      What does it imply when you trust Jesus, or lean into Him as you face a challenge?

      Pastor encouraged us to remember God’s faithfulness in our past, much like David recounted God’s help in his encounters with wild animals. Why is it important to recall His faithfulness and how can doing so help in dealing with your present and future giants?

      If you feel comfortable, take time to share a giant that you’re facing at this current time and receive prayer from other group members.

      What was something hopeful that you received from today’s message?

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