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    • Small Group Questions

      Zechariah’s little bundle of joy, baby John, was to have a special mission in life. His was to be a ministry of proclamation and preparation. Luke tells us that when people heard Zechariah declare this, they were “in awe, and were talking about all these things.” May we be captured with a sense of wonder as we discuss this passage, and its implications for life.

      How did your parents decide on your name? Do you know of any of the other names they were considering for you? What name did your friends give you during your school years?

      From what you’ve read and heard about John the Baptist in these first two weeks of Advent, what was the mission assigned to John the Baptist? 

      In Luke 1:15, the angel told Zechariah that his son will be great in the sight of the Lord. How would you describe the nature of John’s greatness?

      What does the Holy Spirit enable Zechariah to do when he can finally speak? (Verse 67)? In Verse 68, for what does Zechariah praise God? In Verses 69-75, what primary activity is he praising God for?

      Of the promises listed in Zechariah’s song of praise, which one means the most to you at this stage in your life? Why?

      John was to prepare people for the arrival of the person and ministry of Jesus. Who has helped prepare the way for God in your life?

      How might God want to use you to prepare the way for Jesus in the life of someone you care about?

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