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    • Small Group Questions

      Abiding in a growing relationship with Jesus will bring about a transformation where the way we treat others will increasingly mirror how Jesus loves them. Jesus says that kind of sacrificial love will be the trademark that will identify His followers.

      When it comes to consumer products, teams or organizations, what are some well-known ‘trademarks’?

      What might your last words of guidance be to those whom you know the best and love the most?

      Read the Scripture from today’s sermon, John 13.31-35. Since Jesus is about to depart, what does He call the disciples to do?

      From Jesus own example in John 13.1-17, how would you describe what Jesus means by “love one another as I have loved you?”

      From John 3.16 and 13.1, why is love the best evidence (the trademark) that they are followers of Jesus?

      On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your own spiritual community against the standard of love in verses 34-35? Also, what number would you assign as your own rating? 

      How might Jesus desire to help you move closer to exhibiting the “trademark” of being His follower by being a person known for their “self-giving, doing what is best for the other, sacrificial kind of love”? What’s a step that you take, or a sincere prayer that you can pray which would indicate this desire?

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