Being part of a Sunday School class is a great way of getting to know other followers of Jesus, receive good Bible teaching, and participate in a group that’s learning about the Christian faith. There are over 20 different classes to choose from.


Facilitator: Timmy Riggs
Room: 200, Second Floor of South East Lobby
Ages: 18-25 

This class is for college-age individuals, both those who are currently attending college, and those who are not. They study how the Bible and contemporary issues intersect, with plenty of discussion. They have regular social activities.

The Well

Facilitator: Lorne Hall  
Room: 205, Second Floor of South West Lobby
Ages: 20-30 

The Well is the newest Sunday School class for young adult ministry at BFC. It consists of single and married adults in their 20s and early 30s. The class is focused on fellowship and ends with a 15-minute, discussion-based devotional. The Well has a social event every month and several small groups to choose from.

Built on the Rock

Facilitator: Steve Davis
Room: 124, Main Level
Ages: 25-35

This class is geared toward young families and couples striving to build Christian households. Class time includes a mix of fellowship and biblical-based discussion. Regular activities for fellowship in each others' homes are a priority for the class.


Facilitator: Blair & Tollya Spindle 
Room: 322 3rd Floor of Main Building
Ages 25-40

Kairos class features a focused discussion on a specific Bible passage weekly. They are focused on creating community and discovering what it means to be a disciple of Christ. This is a friendly and energetic group of people, who have regular social and service events.


Facilitator Team: Tim & Elizabeth Taylor/Brett Bradley 
Room: 023, Lower Level
Ages: 30’s 

Roots is a friendly, informal class, a mix of persons who are single and married couples, many with young children. They spend time digging deeper into the Bible and Christian living through discussion.


Facilitator: Mark Brown  
Room: Upstairs Exercise Room, FLC
Ages: 30 to early 40’s 

This class strives to be welcoming and inclusive. They are a very social group, many of them being parents. They desire to grow spiritually and engage in a lot of discussion.


Facilitator Team: Brenda Teeters/Rob Redwine 
Room: 210, Second Level
Ages: 30-50’s

This class is team taught and was created as a resource for parents in the child-raising phase of life. Lesson topics include current Christian literature, books of the Bible, and marriage enrichment studies. The group is friendly, talkative, and active.

Ladies of Legacy

Facilitator Team: Paula Anderson/Martha Highley  
Room: Craft Room, FLC
Ages: 30-70  

This class is for women who are single, divorced, or married, and attend alone, taught by Paula Anderson. Ladies of Legacy is a prayerful and supportive class, welcoming anyone with love. Many different backgrounds are represented, and everyone connects well with one another through discussion time and prayer.

Circle of Friends

Facilitator: Dave O’Bannon 
Room: 025, Lower Level
Ages: 35-65 

This group that is focused on living out their Christian faith, and is known for their desire to serve the greater community. Are you Single? Married? Children at home? Empty nest? You are welcome here, regardless of stage in life. Circle of Fre4inds is active in social events and service opportunities.

The Gathering

Facilitator: Stephanie Shellenberger 
Room: 024, Lower Level 
Ages: 40-55 

This group primarily consists of married couples and single people with children. They are people in the prime of their work careers, and desire to be welcoming of newcomers and those who don’t have family attending church with them. The Gathering alternates focusing on Bible passages and topical studies.

Salt and Light

Salt and Light – Facilitator: Jim Priest 
Room: FLC Gym
Ages: 45-65 

A highly interactive class with purposeful discussion, Salt and Light includes people who are single, married, those who have kids, and those who do not. Teaching and discussion is focused on Christian discipleship in all stages of life. In addition to weekly fellowship, regular social events are planned.

Better Homes and Lives

Facilitator: Cyndi Lackey
Room: 027, Lower Level
Ages: 50-60  

 A smaller class with a family-life atmosphere, some members are single, some married couples. Some have children at home, others are empty nesters. The class focuses on bible study through lecture-style teaching, and includes time for sharing and prayer


Facilitator: Bill Thomas
Room: 100, North Entry
Ages: 50’s-60’s Class Size: 30 

Cornerstone class has an active, engaging atmosphere. Lecture, discussion, and video are all a part of the learning method in this class. They have regular social events and includes people from various life stages and backgrounds.

Heart to Heart

Facilitator: Deretta Austin  
Room: 026, Lower Level
Ages: 50’s-70 

This class is highly interactive and service-oriented. Class members come from a variety of backgrounds and ages, and it is their mission to make everyone feel included. Teaching style includes a presentation by the teacher with significant opportunity for discussion and prayer.


Facilitator Team: Hal Cauthron, Jane Riley, Terry Wood, Larry Jones 
Room: 022, Lower Level
Ages: 60’s-70’s 

“Lifelifters class features a team teaching approach with a teaching focus being on bible study and discussion. This class consists of single and married couples. They are very supportive of each other in prayer and have regular social gatherings.”


FacilitatorKep Keoppel
Room: 150, Chapel
Age 60’s-70’s 

This class is made up of people from a wide range of occupations, most with grown children. The class is generous, mission-minded, and socially active, with small group suppers, and several social events throughout the year.

Reach Out

Facilitators TeamLyndell Watson, Orville Jenkins
Room: 122, Main Level
Ages: 70-85 

A mixture of those still in the work force and those now retired, this class often sings together, with sharing and discussion on a weekly basis. Reach Out has as annual class retreat. Each week’s lessons are based on scripture, rarely using other book or video resources.

Great Expectations

Facilitator: Ron Willard 
Room: 151, Chapel 
Ages: 55-80 

Here’s a class with a heritage that began over 50 years ago. It’s full of faithful, encouraging, and caring people, who have continued to welcome an add new members. Single, married, and widowed individual comprise the class. Some are in the workforce, some are retired. The class format is mostly lecture, with some general discussion. Every month, they have a potluck meal together for the Sunday noon meal. Great Expectations is mission-centered, investing in the Great Commission in a variety of ways.

Get Real

Facilitator: Chuck Lewis  
Room: 152/154, Chapel
Ages: 55-70’s 

This class in a lively group, somewhat traditional in their format, and is very welcoming to newcomers. Their learning style is through lecture presentation with some discussion and praying together. They are service-oriented, and host regular social events outside of class time.


Facilitator: Will & Karis Stemen 
Room: 121, Main Level 
Ages: 70’s-90’s 

Enjoying a lecture-style Bible study using Nazarene Sunday School Curriculu, this class contains some of our most senior treasure. Most class members have both children and grandchildren who are grown. They have snacks, coffee, a lesson, discussion to learn from each other, and prayer together.

The Better Life

Facilitator: Winford Akins
Room: 020, Lower Level
Ages: 70’s-80’s 

Each week the class format centers on a discussion format with the focus being reflecting on the pastor’s sermon, sharing reflections, and seeking to make individual application.


Facilitator: Don Dunnington 
Room: 123, Main Level
Ages: 70-85 

This is a faithful and caring group that has been in existence as a class for a long time. They use the Nazarene Sunday School literature for Bible study, with lecture-style teaching. The class frequently opens with singing, and has regular social events.

Escuela Dominical

Facilitator: Jerry Rice 
Room 157, Chapel

This is BFC’s only Spanish speaking Sunday School class. The class sessions are mostly discussion based, and the group has occasional social events outside of class.