Think About Christmas

By Pastor Kyle Owen

Do you really think about what Christmas means this time of year? You know what I mean. Not the gift-buying, food, and parties.

Most of us are pushing through our day to day and the many different stresses we all face. Then, all on top of that work parties, Christmas cards, school programs, end of semester tests, Christmas shopping, baking, family gatherings, travel, and on and on. I know for me personally, it can easily become a push to the finish line of Christmas Eve and then I can finally breathe. 

The truth is, many of us are finding it hard to really think about Christmas. Instead, we are thinking about our need for God to break through in our lives, in situations at work, our finances, our family, our children, and our emotions. We are waiting and crying out for God to do something that only God can do.

That’s it! That is Christmas. Don’t miss it. In all of our worry, doubt, stress, and fear we are waiting for God to show his sovereignty. The Christmas story is a story of expectation and hope that God does come through just at the right time. The people of Israel had been waiting for their Savior to come and though it seemed it might never happen, it did. Just at the right time. God broke through the darkness just as scripture said it would happen. This is the hope we can live in today as we truly thinkg about Christmas. In our waiting for God to break through, he is working even when we do not see it. Wait in expectation. He is with us.

The Christmas Story is our story, and we have an opportunity as a church to share it with others on Christmas Eve. Would you join us in praying about who God would lead you to invite to one of our three Christmas Eve services on December 23rd at 7pm or December 24th at 3:30 and 5pm?

We will sing carols together and hear God’s word proclaimed. After each service there will be coffee, hot chocolate, and treats for everyone in our Atrium. We didn’t forget the kids. Our BFC Kids team is working hard to create a special walk-through story for all children. All of this is to give you, your family, and friends a time to experience the true hope of Christmas together.