What Matters Most

May 21, 2017

God breaks into our lives, pushes up His sleeves and gets involved in the mess of humanity.

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Calling and Covenant

May 28, 2017

God comes to us, revealsHimself to us and calls us to a covenant relationship.

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The Promise and Birth of a Son

June 4, 2017

God kept his unconditional promise to Abram. It wasn't a deal; it was a promise.

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Abraham Built Altars

June 11, 2017

Abraham lived his life in friendship with God. At every milestone, he built an altar and called upon God.

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Abraham is Tested

June 18, 2017

God comes to us in our crisis moments -- our most troubled times.

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When Your Quest is Bigger Than You

June 25, 2017

No mater your quest, there is nothing that compares to being close to God and meeting him daily.

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