What It Means to G.O.BFC

By Barbi Moore:

I'm still a bit in the afterglow of the Swazi 5K.  Imagine, it was just eight years ago that we held our first race. Now it’s become such a yearly highpoint for BFC - and the perfect symbol for what it means to GO. 

What a blessing to our G.O. ministries that Karen and Scott Dedmon have directed the Swazi 5K for eight years, along with their great team of volunteers. On the left, Dr. Fili Chambo, Regional Director of Africa, who arrived on Thursday morning from Johannesburg to work with us, stands with Karen and Scott, and Pastor Rick.  Fili is already working with his staff in Africa to plan their own race in Swaziland and South Africa to coincide with our 5k next year. 

On Saturday, a dinner was hosted for Dr. Chambo to talk about the Swaziland Partnership and our emphasis for the future. Here, Pastor Rick and Annette, members of the Swazi Leadership Council, and the NMI Council, surround Dr. Chambo with a prayer of blessings to conclude our evening together led by Dr. Hal Cauthron.

Meet the Bley family -- Trey and Dawn Bley and their sons Anderson, Derrek, Thomas, Nathan, and Harmon. Two years ago, their family participated in a G.O. trip to our Native American ministry. They are one among several families who demonstrate a passion for global outreach and what it means to GO. What a joy to watch them run the race together.

Global Outreach is deeply rooted in us, and serving transforms us. Going where God leads us -- whether we go in prayer, go by giving, participate in a GO trip, or run the 5K — creates a satisfaction unlike any other. I am so blessed by folks like these and BFC’s commitment to GO.